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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Statement

We recognise our responsibility to work towards a sustainable future for all. We are committed to becoming one of the recognised environmentally friendly hotels in Belfast.

As one of the leading hotels in Belfast, we focus on providing great hotel products and services – but we also consider our impact on the environment.  We have measures in place to reduce our energy, water consumption and costs and have also made a commitment to reduce our pollution and waste.


Sustainability Policy

We have recently been accredited with the Green Tourism Bronze Award.

The Fitzwilliam Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel situated in the heart of Belfast, beside the Grand Opera House on Great Victoria Street. The site has a history in the entertainment and hospitality arenas. Previously it was the Ritz Cinema and before that it was the Ulster Hotel. We have 146 guest rooms and suites and host visitors from all over the world, who come to Belfast to experience the city, its people and culture.

As one of the leading hotels in Belfast, we are very mindful of our impact on the environment and our responsibility towards our people and the community. We want tourism to be maintained long-term, without having a negative impact on our environment.


The Fitzwilliam Policy.

  • To fully comply with all relevant environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.
  • Management and staff must factor the environment and wider stakeholder community in our day to day operations and strategic planning processes.
  • A commitment to reduce energy and water consumption.
  • To recycle paper, glass, batteries, plastic.
  • To commit to removing single use plastics from our business.
  • Continuously train and educate our staff, through inductions and team meetings to encourage them to carry out more sustainable business practices.
  • Operating a ‘switch off’ policy for all staff to turn out lights and computers when not in use.
  • Our Responsible Visitor Charter encourages guests to participate with hotel practices and to explore local attractions by public transport, foot or bicycle. Support local businesses and reduce reuse recycle while staying with us.
  • To develop responsible purchasing methods, using local suppliers where possible.
  • Create and execute community supporting activities program.
  • To reduce our pollution and waste. To increase our recycling practices.
  •  Monitor our energy consumption of gas, electricity and water
  • Recycling of Paper, cardboard, plastics, tins and glass and batteries.
  • Working with suppliers who are on the sustainable path.
  • Support both local and Hotel Partners mandated charities such as Orbis and Action Cancer.
  • The Fitzwilliam Hotel management and staff are jointly responsible for the full implementation of policy objectives. However in order to achieve our goals we need to be mindful of the needs of our Employee Health & Wellbeing
  • Introduced a health and wellbeing strategy into the work place to ensure the staff and management are aware of support and best practice in both personal and professional day to day habits to help them achieve a healthy and sustainable way of living and working.


Our objectives:

  • Continually updating our sustainable policy and practices.
  • Improve our Carbon Footprint by a further 10%.
  • Reduce Energy by 5%.
  • Reduce landfill waste by removing single use plastic from bedrooms.
  • Improve on Communication and engagement of sustainability.
  • Adopt Conservation and Biodiversity policies.

We will always comply with the law in all our actions and will continuously review our policy.

Responsible Visitor Charter

Here at the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast we recognise that we have a responsibility to our People, Planet and Profit, to work towards a sustainable future for all. We are committed to being an environmentally-friendly hotel in Northern Ireland.


Responsible Visitor

We ask that our guests help us to achieve these goals. Here are some ways you can help.


1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Hang up your towel in the bathroom to reuse, rather than requesting fresh towels everyday

Recycle any waste that you have and refill water bottles


2. Conserve Energy

Use your key card to save energy in the room. Switch off lights and air conditioning when you leave the room.

Charge your mobile phone in the car, as it’s free energy.

Use the stairs instead of lifts. It’s good exercise and reduces energy on lift use.


3. Reduce water usage.

Use the shower instead of the bath

Turn off the tap when you’re finished brushing your teeth

Use water conservatively when taking a shower or shaving

Only fill the kettle or coffee machine for the water you need


4. Walk don’t Drive

We’re right in the city centre, with everything within walking distance.

Use public transport to get here if possible. If only for one day, walk, cycle or use public transport.


5. Nature

Please don’t litter, and recycle where possible

Leave only your footprints when going for walks


6. Shop Local

Use local products, shop local and support local communities

Our menus support local, sustainable, organic produce, so why not dine in the hotel

We are fortunate to have some fantastic local producers of food, drink arts and crafts. Our concierge team can provide more information.



Sustainable Meetings and Events 

We provide sustainable and environmentally-friendly meetings and events.


Practices include:

  • Clutter-free meeting set up and linen-less tables
  • Locally sourced food
  • Electronic contracts and billing
  • Non-disposable cutlery, cups, and tableware
  • IT systems to support paper-free meetings
  • No paper signage
  • Notepads, pens, mints, and glasses are left at one table/supply station instead of being set for each person
  • Recycle bins in our meeting rooms
  • Sustainable plants & flowers/potted plants (instead of fresh flowers) where possible
  • Recycling of coffee pods
  • Electric car charging stations on property
  • Food prepared fresh daily only for the required numbers (ie minimal food wastage)
  • We don’t actively promote or encourage printing services
  • Assistance with public transport options (which is right on our doorstep!)